How To Order

If you are interested in ordering a custom Cuddly from My Own Cuddly, there are a couple of steps.

First, send us an e-mail at with your request.   Scan your child’s drawing and attach it to your e-mail.

You’re welcome to leave comments on this site, but again, inquiries should be sent to our e-mail address —

I will respond by e-mail whether we can accept your order, based on the feasibility of copying your child’s drawing, the outstanding orders we are already working on, and other factors.   We will also give you a price quote — between $80 and $130 — and a rough idea on the time-frame for filling your order.   If it’s a “go” on our end, we will give you instructions on sending payment, either using Paypal or mailing a check.

Step Two is deciding if it’s a “go” on your end.  If it is, you need to send us payment and your shipping address.  Once payment is received here, your order will be put in the queue, made as soon as possible, and then shipped.

That’s it!   Hope to hear from you!