8 thoughts on “Yellow Fellow

  1. Sounds good JoAnn. Our “before Christmas” list fills up pretty quickly — usually in September — so don’t wait too long. Looking forward to see what your grandsons come up with. – Pat

  2. Wondering what the wait time is right now? I’m looking to have my daughters drawing made into a stuffie and was hoping to have it by fall? Is this possible? (I live in calgary, canada)

  3. Hi I’m just skittle confused by the web site. It’s said to pick a pic and email that person to get a creation. Will you do my child’s picture or is it for the picture displayed. I’m looking for the site that will make my child’s picture into a stuffy

    • The way it works is this. You choose a drawing that your child has made. Then either scan or photograph it and send that to us by e-mail. We’ll take a look at it, decide if it’s something we can do, and then give you a price quote to make your child’s picture into a stuffy, and a time-frame for getting it done. Does that answer your question? — Pat

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