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Bobbie’s Buzz: Bath goo? Mismatched shoes? Cool stuff for kids

By Bobbie Thomas

Little red wagons and dolls never go out of style, but kids these days have access to some other cool stuff too. TODAY style editor and Bobbie.com‘s Bobbie Thomas shares a few new favorites:

Commission a custom BFF
If you’re looking for one toy you won’t find in stores, try “softie-making”, a rapidly-growing craft trend where talented artists take your budding artist’s original sketch and turn it into a whimsical, personalized plush pal. From five-legged monsters to pretty princesses, studios like MyOwnCuddly.com can bring any dream to life in just a few weeks. Since all work is custom, you can look for an artist near you or visit childsown.com for a list ($75 and up; sunnylittlestudio.com or $100 and up; myowncuddly.com).


Now kids can commission their own personalized plush pal.

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